PILTUUDIS | Teistkordselt emaks saanud bikiinifitnessi tipptegija Egle Eller-Nabi naaseb profisporti

Egle Eller-Nabi
Egle Eller-NabiFoto: Karli Saul

Eelmisel suvel teistkordselt emaks saanud Eesti bikiinifitnessi tipptegija Egle Eller-Nabi naaseb juba sel nädalavahetusel profisporti, kui lööb kaasa Tšehhis Prahas toimuval fitnessiüritusel.

"Sel nädalavahetusel astun pärast oma teise lapse sündi esmakordselt suurele lavale," teatas Nabi Instagrami vahendusel. "Tunnen end nagu ülikoolis enne eksameid, mõeldes: "Kui ma saaksin veel ühe nädala valmistumiseks, võiksin teha märksa paremini!""

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2016 @mrolympiallc was my last show 2 years ago!! This weekend I am going to step on stage 1st time after my second childs birth. I chose my show to be @evls_prague_showdown_official .Been here years ago as amateur, now happy to take a lineup with pro athletes. How I am feeling right now? Excited, nervous, happy, thankful would probably describe the best my emotions right now.😀😱 I am most thankful for my family support, specially my mother in law who have helped me with everything.🙏💕 My journey has been “interesting “ lets say in many ways. Its challenging with children, but I am so proud of myself that I took that goal and worked my way again on to highest level @ifbb_pro_league stage. Today I feel like I used to in University before exams-“If I had another week- Oh, how I could do so much better!” Already thinking what I need to improve for next season. 😁Though looking at my progress the whole year, I know I gave my best. It’s a journey after all. I am so thankful for my supporters and collaborators. Thank you for having faith in me. Every single cooperation is super valuable to me💗 I thank every single one of you who have followed me and keep your fingers crossed for me. I send you lot of love and gonna enjoy that stage fully. I feel I need a day in glitter bikinis and high heels😁 #bodybyo @bodybyo @strengthsensei1 #mymentor @sportlandeesti #underarmour @victorybikini @noccoeesti @barebells.est @farmipiim @leibur @lorealmakeup #treuematch @hersajakiri @arigatotallinn @newton.ee @roll_studio @euronicseesti @christinas_clinic @kaisapoom @enetomingas @lafamigliacouture #bestmotherinlaw

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Egle ja tema maadlejast abikaasa Heiki Nabi perre sündis eelmise aasta 24. juulil pisipoeg, juba varem kasvas tippsportlaste peres tütar.